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After Care for Deep Cleaning
After care information following deep cleaning therapy from one of our hygienists. Initially the process of deep cleaning the gums can be uncomfortable as the purpose is to reach into larger pockets of tissue around the gums that can already be sensitive from bacteria in the mouth. Sometimes the process of giving the gums and teeth a good cleaning and "scrubbing" into all of these deep pockets can make the gums tender afterward for a short time. The goal of this therapy is to 'cleanse' your oral tissues of bacterial toxins and debris and start the process toward gum and tissue healing. Here are some frequently asked questions about "Deep Cleaning Therapy."

What should I expect after my deep cleaning appointment?


  • Immediately upon dismissal from our office - you may notice slight 'oozing' from the gums. This will decrease rapidly.
  • Some sensitivity is expected following your 'deep cleaning' appointments.
  • Sensitivities may include: extreme hot and cold, spicy foods, acidic foods (citrus; as an example)
  • Over the next few days and weeks, as your teeth and gums become healthier, the gum tissue will actually 'shrink.' More tooth may be exposed. Increased sensitivity can occur with these teeth - which is transient in nature. The best way to decrease this sensitivity is to keep the area as clean as possible [brushing, flossing and rinsing; as directed].

How do I take care of my gums in between my deep cleaning appointments?


  • Every person is different; therefore all patients will receive customized post-therapy instructions from your hygienist that you should refer to for daily care until your next appointment. These instructions will include some of the following suggestions...
  • Salt/Water rinses [1 tsp. salt w/8 oz. warm water]; 3 times per day - for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Peroxide/Water rinses to assist with impacted debris
  • Listerine or Prescription rinses to begin 24 - 48 hours after therapy; per Dr. Day or your hygienist.

Do I need to take any medications while I am receiving deep cleaning therapy?


  • Medication is not normally required for treatment.
  • Sensitivity can be reduced by pre-medicating with an anti-inflammatory such as Alleve or Ibuprofen, one hour prior to your deep cleanin appointment. Use over-the-counter medications as directed or per the direction or Dr. Day.
  • Oral health rinses are also recommended. See the suggestions below.

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