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Your smile is one of the first things noticed by others.  It is a reflection of happiness and health, and a brilliant smile can be a constant source of self-confidence.  We take pride in healing your smile, from damaged or missing teeth to cosmetic smile makeovers, and keeping your smile as healthy and radiant as you deserve.  Everything we do is based on a premise of health and doing the right things for you and your smile.

Our established team has been working together for years to bring you the best care possible.  Much of our staff is cross-trained to understand multiple elements of the practice from computer systems, to billing and insurance, patient management, and chairside assisting.  This ensures maximum efficiency for your visit and the best care we can offer.

Over the years we have strived to work closely with our full time hygienists to discuss and treat each patient individually in order to maintain continuity of care and develop an organized system that will cover the entire spectrum of your dental needs.  Dr. Day and his staff are dedicated to providing high quality dental care with a smile and a sense of humor.  You may even laugh in the dental chair!  We offer a relaxed atmosphere where you will receive the best care possible.

Our main focus at Day Dental Care is truly a happy and healthy patient.  We strive to make our office a comfortable place to be, and your experience as positive as possible.  We always welcome new patients, and referrals are a huge compliment.  Come visit us to begin your transition to a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures

Missing teeth can affect your “bite” as well as your ability to speak and chew. Their loss can increase the burden on your remaining teeth and can cause pain in your jaws and headaches. And of course, losing a tooth can affect your appearance & confidence.

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