Post-Op Instructions – Sedation


              Patients under the influence of sedation medications require careful supervision by a designated caretaker since judgment and physical stability may be altered or impaired.

          Please read over the following instructions and tips before beginning your duties as a caretaker.

  • The patient may or may not be sent home with ice packs. If ice packs are provided, please follow the post-op instructions for their use.
  • Prescriptions will be given to the patient after surgery. It is suggested that you drop these by the pharmacy on the way home. Once the prescriptions have been dropped off, take the patient home and help them get comfortable in bed or on the couch. Arrange to have someone else pick up the prescriptions as soon as they are ready.  It is important that the patient take their pain medication as soon as possible after surgery. Pain medication takes this much is 45 minutes to take effect, so it is important that it is taken prior to the numbness wearing off.
  • The patient will most likely be sedated for the rest of the day. The pain medication can add to the sedation effects, so proper monitoring of their breathing is still very important. As long as the patient is sleeping comfortably and breathing properly, do not disturb them more than necessary.
  • We will be sending the patient home with some VERY strong pain medications. Since they can often cause nausea we recommend Ensure or Slim-Fast meal replacement shakes, which will coat the patient’s stomach and be easier to digest for the first few hours post-surgery. When the numbness wears off the patient may eat whatever they feel like eating. milkshakes and other soft foods such as mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and scrambled eggs are good choices.
  • Antibiotics should be taken as directed, but do not wake the patient out of comfortable sleep to take the next dose. Pain medications, however, should be taken as close to the scheduled time as possible to keep the patient comfortable.
  • The day of surgery and the following day are the most difficult times. Swelling and discomfort are normal, but should you have serious questions or issues that you do not feel comfortable with, please do not hesitate to call us. Our Arlington office phone number is Day Dental Care Phone Number 817-472-0888.


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DO NOT wear long sleeves of ANY kind. Please wear SHORT sleeves. We cannot push long sleeves up because it becomes too tight which will result in inaccurate blood pressure readings.

DO NOT wear tight clothing. This includes turtlenecks and mock neck shirts.

DO NOT wear white or light-colored clothing. We will do our best to keep you covered during your procedure but it is not always possible.

DO NOT wear contact lenses. Some of the medications given can cause your eyes to become very dry. If needed, please wear your glasses & we will give them to your caretaker prior to your coming back.

DO NOT wear any jewelry. This includes Rings, Watches, Necklaces, Earrings, etc…  We ARE NOT responsible for any misplaced jewelry.

DO NOT wear ANY nail polish. We use a pulse oximeter on your finger and nail polish will alter readings.



DO have your caretaker plan to stay inside the building for your entire procedure. Give us your caretakers name and cell phone # when you check-in.

DO use the restroom upon arrival. You will receive a large amount of fluids through the procedure.

DO wear comfortable, old, loose fitting clothing.

For more information about Post-Op Instructions (Sedation) or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Day, call our office in Arlington, TX at Day Dental Care Phone Number 817-472-0888