Patient Testimonial

I am one of 'those' patients that I'm sure dentists dread. I put off dental work (this includes regular cleaning and routine maintenance) because I used to suffer with panic attacks. there is nothing worse, or more claustrophobic, in my mind than the thought of being pinned down to a dental chair and not being able to escape, or to see beyond the dentist's equipment in my face. So please understand when I say that I could not have been more pleased with Dr. Day and his team of professionals. His approach and manner are calming, and he explains everything as he goes. His goal, and my goal, were to complete the work I needed with no pain. The patient area is bright and flooded with natural light from a huge window. I never felt claustrophobic. I never felt pain. All my needs were met including the dental work. And, bonus, Dr. Day's staff provided me with a milkshake when I left because my mouth was numb (and stay that way a while) and they had concern I would try to eat something and bite into my tongue or cheek. I heartily recommend Dr. Day for any dental work. Especially if you, too, are one of 'those' patients.

- Kim B

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